Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Second UFO of the Year

I finished the I-Spy Quilt! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a photo of it yet. With a husband on the road for work a good chunk of the last couple of weeks, a 19-month-old who has decided he wants to be carried everywhere all of a sudden, and rainy (yes, in January) weather, I haven't been able to take a good picture. By the end of this week, though, I need to get one since I need to get it mailed out. As soon as I get a photo, I'll post it here.

But, with my first UFO of the year done, I promptly started work on my second one. It's a baby quilt I started for my son before he was born. I almost finished it for his first birthday. Now, the goal is to finish it by the end of February (or if I really get going, maybe even by the end of next week). It's a tied quilt, so it's really almost finished, but after how he tried to adopt the I-Spy Quilt, I know I need to get it done.

I'll post a better photo once it's finished, but for now, here's a sneak peak.

Yes, it's a minky turtle. This quilt has four minky animal squares and five pieced cotton squares, and it's very cuddly and soft. I hate working with minky -- it gets everywhere! -- but I wanted to make the quilt extra special.

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