Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Many Trips Around the World

When I was a senior in college, I started a pair of identical quilts. One was supposed to go to a friend, and I was going to keep the other one since I was afraid I wouldn't give the first one away if I didn't have one for myself. My friend never got the quilt.

Long story short, I never finished either of them. I made the two quilt tops at the end of 2000/beginning of 2001, didn't finish hand-quilting the first one until 2005, and then they both sat in a box ever since.  

When my family and I moved earlier this year, my mom stored a ton of stuff for us so we could put our condo on the market and live more comfortably without so much crap in our tiny place. She saw this quilt and made the comment that it would be perfect in my sister's old bedroom, which she was having repainted and done up for a guest room. (My old bedroom has already been transformed into the "baby's" room.) I told her that I'd be happy to finish it for her but couldn't promise when it would be done since I had so much else going on.

So, knowing that the holidays were coming up, and knowing that this quilt was just sitting there waiting for its binding strip, I finally finished it in December 2012. It's done. The twin quilt top is still sitting unfinished, but I've promised it to my mom, as well, when it's finished in another 5-10 years. 

I've had a couple of people ask for the pattern, and as soon as I get around to figuring out the pattern again -- I seem to have misplaced it in the last dozen years -- I'll post it here. 


  1. beautiful! love the color choices.

  2. Thanks, Anna! My mom really likes it in the room she has it in and it works in there.