Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Best Laid Plans

Today, I was planning on working on the quilt I mentioned earlier during my son's nap. (We call him "Mister Mister" at home, so I'll try to remember to use that name for him here since I won't post his real name.)

I wanted to finish picking through my stash (pictured here) to pick out the remaining handful of fabrics for the quilt I'm sending to that sweet 7-year-old in Ohio just as soon as I finish it.

My fabric stash minus two boxes of orange and yellow
fabrics and all my I-Spy Fabric. (Not as huge as I'd like it to be,
but I have a nice selection to choose from.)

So far, I've picked out a fair number of fabrics to make the blocks. I tend to make scrappy quilts, so I use a lot of different fabrics in the same quilt.

However, instead of getting to work on this today, I got to fix a pair of pajamas for Mister Mister. My son is into Elmo. He calls him "Mo Mo" or sometimes just "Mo." We found these pajamas and thought they were perfect, especially since they were on clearance.

I removed the tags, washed them, and we dressed him in them. He got down to walk around, and, I've never seen him try to rip clothes off of himself faster. I took him out of them, and discovered the reason why he hated them:

This is a photo of Elmo's feet. The fabric is extremely thin and
dotted with something to keep kids from slipping. However, it's extremely
uncomfortable from the inside, and my son won't wear them
since it hurts to walk. Grrrr.
So, what's a loving mother with only one child at home to take care of to do? I decided to replace the feet. I ripped out the seams, traced the feet onto new fabric, pinned the new feet in place, attempted to sew them with my sewing machine, discovered that my early 1980s Singer sewing machine with two stitches couldn't handle the fabric, and stitched the whole thing together by hand. I finished with some puffy paint to keep Mister Mister from killing himself running around on the wood floors.

Time I thought it would take to finish this project: 1 hour
Time it actually took to finish this project: Closer to 4 hours.

Since Mister Mister only slept two hours, it ended up taking most of the day, grabbing time to stitch here and there. Once the paint dries, I hope it doesn't hurt his feet.

Lessons: Check the feet on pajamas before buying them. And, sometimes there's a reason why something is on clearance.

Tomorrow I will work on the quilt going to Ohio (when I'm not baking cookies).

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