Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do Something Nice, Get a Quilt

Someday -- hopefully in the next couple of days -- I'll get my camera attached to the computer or pull out the hard drive to find some photos of past quilts. But, I've started on another new quilt.

Someone I went to undergrad with posted this to Facebook today:

the Homeless 
I recently recieved this true story from my neighbor.

A while back, I spoke in church asking each person to listen to how God may nudge them to bless women and children that may come to the shelter. One little boy said to his mom. "Mommy, I think I will give my blanket to the shelter." Mom explained that it would be a forever gift, he wouldn't get the blanket back.

He said, " I don't WANT to give it but, I think God is telling me to."

A few weeks later, back in crib room, we use as the shelter, there was a well-loved, clean blue blanket, with a note pinned to it. In a little boy's print, was this message:

"Me and this blankit have had a lot of advenchers in the past, but he wants a advencher with a nother kid."

He signed his name and gave his age. (7)

This happpened in Mount Vernon, Ohio not Columbus or someplace else.

It's heart warming and sad that a 7 year old can see a need and fill it. Yet, as adults we turn a blind eye.

Please support Shelter.

Kids can be so amazingly sweet. I emailed her to find out if she thinks the shelter would be able to find out who the little boy is so I can make him a quilt to replace the blankie he gave away. It's going to be an I-Spy Quilt with squares perfect for a 7-year-old boy with a big heart -- basketballs, motorcycles, bugs (both the insect- and car-variety), and a handful more. I'm hoping I can get it done in the next three or four weeks so I can get it out to him early in the new year.

I've already picked out all the fabric and have three squares sewn, which I had leftover from an earlier finished project from several years ago. With Joel taking some time off for the holidays, I'm hoping to at least get the quilt top close to finished this weekend.

I'll post some photos of the finished squares and pile of fabric in the next day or two so you can follow along.

The other three baby/kid quilts I'm working on (including the one for my baby) will have to wait until after the new year.  <Sigh>

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